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Old and New face of Sticky Note

Hey are you one of those people who depend on sticky notes to be able to go through and finish all your work in the day? If yes then I am sure you are very familiar with those sticky notes that you post it anywhere from walls, tables, books and others. But are you familiar or have you used those online sticky notes? If not I guess you should try it and compare which is more suitable for you.

Today there is an option for you which to choose to use the normal and old fashion way, sticky notes or the new online sticky notes. But in which you used will depend on the situation and on what are you doing because both will still very useful for you.

For instance these new online sticky notes are useful for those people who are working in office and students that are always using the personal computers and laptops. This is perfect for them to use to be able to work in a clean environment. Using the old fashion one you will built up so many sticky notes in your working environment and it will surely looks messy. Upon finishing with the task it will add up to your trash. Unlike using the online one you will save papers and you won’t need to throw it because all you need to do is just delete it.

But unfortunately this cannot apply for those people like in the household. In order to remind them or other people they need to use the old fashion one by sticking it in their refrigerator, table or walls to be able to inform their love ones or friends about or remind them something.

So in the end it will depend on the situation but both are useful in their own way.