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Who is Behind the Sticky Note

Are you familiar with the name Arthur Fry? If you are not familiar with the name, do you know what a sticky note is or have you seen one? Arthur Fry and the sticky note are connected as you should know.

As you can see this man Arthur Fry is responsible for the discovery and invention of sticky note but now it is called Post-it note, the co-creator of this. This manufactured by 3M which is considered as an office stationary item. This product is being sold all over the world since 2006. It is impossible if you have not seen one of this because this has been very in demand especially if you are very busy and need to remember it.

This American inventor and scientist was born in 1931 of August 19 in Minnesota and lived in Iowa and Kansas City. He work at Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company and today is known as 3M as new product development researcher until he retired in early 90s.

This famous, well known item where he became famous was invented around 1974. The thing that initiates him to be curious and invented this was because of his co worker and also a scientist Spencer Silver where he developed unique adhesive which he developed in 1968 where in it strongly attached objects firmly but cannot break from its attachment.

It was his experienced during church choir where he uses paper to mark his work book but always felt that it occurred to him to adjust and create better using Silver’s adhesive because if this adhesive is used it can tear the paper. He did some experimenting like just coating only one edge of it.

And as you can see now what is the result of his hard work and till now we still used it.